The current PURNA Yoga Academy Teacher Training Course (TTC) fee is 1880 Eur. The tuition fee does not include meals or accommodation.


1. Leaving the course: A credit note for the full amount of the course – minus the days present in the course – will be issued minus a 50 Euro (RON equivalent) administration fee.
2. Credit notes are non-transferable and can only be used by the individual whose name appears on the credit note. Credit notes are valid for one year and can be used in PURNA Yoga Academy School. The yoga-credit note is not transferable, valid for 2 years. Certain restrictions may apply.

Payments for TTC200 4-27th of March 2016 should be done on behalf of:

CUI: 26711406
LIBRA BANK, IBAN: RO84BREL0002000428380100
To be mentioned on the payment order: TTC200, name, surname, address

PURNA Yoga Academy holds very high standards for its teaching staff. There is a selection process that applies to each level of the course. Students are expected to pass three exams in total during the course plus earn a positive final teaching evaluation.

If a student does not pass the final exam, he/she may retake the exam. Should the student fail the make-up exam, he/she may participate in a future TTC at a reduced cost of 25 percent of the course fee.

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