Cunosti oameni care sunt intr-o forma fizica excelenta sau se regenereaza rapid dupa o perioada…

Poate un lucru pe care il auzi adeseori este despre…schimbari pe care sa le facem…

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Evenimentele saptamanii

Hatha Yoga Traditionala joi, 08.Oct.15, 17:15-18:45

Healing Yoga vineri, 09.Oct.15, 19:00-20:30

Yin Yoga sâmbătă, 10.Oct.15, 09:00-10:30

bodyART duminică, 11.Oct.15, 10:00-11:00

Yoga Stresului luni, 12.Oct.15, 17:30-18:30

bodyART luni, 12.Oct.15, 19:00-20:00

Evening Yoga luni, 12.Oct.15, 20:15-21:15

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Nelimitat – 12 luni 3.200 lei  Cumpar
Nelimitat – 6 luni 1.600 lei  Cumpar
1080 minute 460 lei  Cumpar
720 minute 325 lei  Cumpar
600 minute 270 lei  Cumpar
  • Posturile Hatha Yoga m-au ajutat sa imi imbunatatesc flexibilitatea

    Imi place sa practic stilul PURNA yoga. Fiind o persoana ce sufera din cauza durerilor de spate, posturile Hatha Yoga m-au ajutat sa imi imbunatatesc flexibilitatea si mi-au alinat aceste dureri, drept urmare le consider foarte folositoare. Imi place abordarea pe care Dana o aplica in predare : combinarea posturilor mecanice cu aspectele lor energetice. Ca si studenti, intelegerea diverselor aspecte teoretice privind energiile si chakrele imbogatesc practica posturilor si contribuie per ansamblu la o experienta minunata. Consider ca aceasta combinatie mi se potriveste perfect.
    Jason Yustin
  • Ma simt mai bine in pielea mea si asta ma face mai frumoasa

    Sunt fericita sa va spun ca se poate slabi fara pastile si cure de infometare !! Eu am participat la acest curs in vara anului trecut, dar abia de revelion m-am hotarat sa incerc una din cele 7 metode prezentate de Dana. Nu mai incapeam in rochia preferata asa ca, pe 1 Ianuarie 2012 m-am cantarit si aveam 72 kg (si e greu pt mine la 1,65 m) asa k am inceput metoda cantarului. In Martie dupa ce toata lumea imi spunea ca am slabit m-am cantarit si aveam 65 kg !! Uhuuuu !!! 7 kg in aproape 3 luni nu poti slabi cu pastile si prin cure risti sa te imbolnavesti ! Trebuie sa spun ca workshop-ul QUANTUM SLIM m-a ajutat ENORM! Ma simt mai bine in pielea mea si asta ma face mai frumoasa! Incercati ! E super ! Bafta !
    Ana B.
  • Yoga of the purpose

    It was a great opportunity to challenge myself, to push myself over my limit and change my belief system. I learned some valuable tools, and I will definitely keep the habit of doing Uddijana Bandhas every day.
    Victoria, 28
  • Yoga of the purpose

    Amazing life experience! Changed my life, and gave me new knowledge, necessary for my life.
    Anna Maria, 38
  • Yoga of the purpose

    This retreat allowed me to meet my challenges/demons with more serenity and to get the confidence that I have the tools to turn them into my friends and overcome them to fulfill my purpose in life. Some moments difficult, but necessary to experience the light I'm going towards to!
    Christel, 37
  • Yoga of the purpose

    I am impressed with how much this amount of Uddijana Bandhas really had a high impact on me. Great one! NLP and meditations were helpful too.
    Carolina, 33
  • Yoga of the purpose

    It's a good "drill" training that guides you in focus and creating the life you want, but also prepares you for real life. I'm very happy and feel empowered!
    Michele, 40
  • Yoga of the purpose

    I really enjoyed this retreat. I discovered that pursuing a goal can become a Sadhana by itself, at least in the way that our great teacher Dana has taught it to us; with true Manipura and surrender.
    Alexandre, 23
  • Yoga of the purpose

    I am thankful, I've learnt many techniques that are going to be very, very useful in the future, and also achieve the goal I purposed myself in short term.
    Ivan, 28
  • Yoga of the purpose

    I joined it out of curiosity and I ended up with something priceless: clarifying my innermost goal/purpose in life, and feel it organically as my true one and that yes, it is happening for me. I had many moments of purification, insight, deep meditation and satisfaction.
    Irina, 39
  • Yoga of the purpose

    I have become more aware of my purpose in life. I see how important it is to know WHY you want to achieve a purpose.
    Brian, 36
  • Yoga of the purpose

    I wish this retreat would have gone on forever – or at least 30 days instead of just 8! I found it very inspiring, very beneficial from all points of view: physical, emotional and spiritual. It enormously increased my understanding of the subconscious mind.
    Francesca, 55
  • Yoga of the purpose

    The tough attitude towards being on time and other things was really helpful towards developing discipline and will power, although at times I didn't feel supported. In the end it was a valuable experience, and I am grateful to Dana.


Profesor Yoga
Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT500, acreditata de Yoga Alliance si Federatia Internationala de Yoga


Profesor Yoga
Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT 200 – Yoga Alliance


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Instructor Yoga